Prince Albert Come Get’cho Boy! Nigerian-American Singer Jidenna Says He Imported AK47s into Nigeria to Bury Dad


When Nigerians who should know better talk down on their country, it kind of…upsets me a tad. So you can imagine I was a bit disgruntled when this young man with the finger waves said he had to import a whole load of AK47s to come to Nigeria in order to go to the village for his father’s burial. This being on account of him being light skinned (because there are no light people AT ALL in Igbo land) and his kidnap ransom being higher (as there are no actual white people either) cos of his Yankee accent. And also probably because they’re going through a Sporting Waves shortage in the village, apparently.

Also, I’m curious – did he take his heavy weaponry back with him? Did his friendly neighbourhood corner shop guy who lent them to him ask for them back? So did he try to fly back into the States with artillery? Does he address it in the video? Can y’all watch and lemme know? Please and thank you.

Here’s what Jidenna had to say:

I have had a particular type of upbringing that is not the traditional. Whatever the traditional is for a light skinned mixed African American. I am Nigerian-American and more specifically I am Igbo American, Igbo being the ethnic group where I am from and that means you are in the South East of Nigeria.
You are way from the city so it means when you go to your village you are the only person or one of the few people that look like you. In my case, our family is light. Therefore when we go to our village, when I actually buried my father I had to bring in a lot of AK47, I had to employ military commandos because when you are light skinned, you are a heavier target for being kidnapped because you are seen as more valuable. You are seen as white therefore you have money.

You are American therefore you have more money. If you have more money then you are easy to kidnap and if you are easy to kidnap then we are going to get you. So for me being light-skinned in Nigeria, in our family, it was difficult. We have been hounded. We have been robbed. Our family has been assaulted. We have had a lot of issues. You can say these to a family that is dark skinned color. They may or may not have these experiences but for us we have always been the target but when you come to America, its the opposite. The police may look you over. They may not pull out the gun faster the way they would have done if you were darker

And the video:


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