Rants N Bants says EXACTLY what we feel about London’s TFL Uber licence suspension


You have to give it to Rants N Bants. His unique handling of social matters is nigh on genius. He takes a trending situation, infuses thought, wisdom and consideration, and then layers it with street talk. It is fast, furious, and I’ve never found him to be wrong in his opinion. His take on the TFL Uber licence kerfuffle is just further proof that this young gun has been here before; wise above his years!

Let’s be honest, as soon as we all heard the news about the TFL Uber licence suspension, we all thought the exact same thing – the big boys are salty because Uber is playing with their coins.

There is no doubt about it – the black cab and The Knowledge is obsolete. Yes, they might be part of the romance of London, the iconic images you conjure in your head when you think about this great city, but so was the red phone box, and mobile phones have put paid to those.

You cannot insist upon a system that will render 40,000 people unemployed because it hurts your bank account. I mean…yes, you can, but say it with your chest. Explain to the nation that you are a money-grabbing, thieving, selfish bunch of pigs. Quit harping on about this “Uber is unsafe” when they provide safety features the Black Cab industry NEVER has – even when the technology became available.

Say it one more time for those dozing at the back, Rants N Bants! We hear their hypocrisy loud and clear, and understand that they just want to hurt the common man’s pockets!

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