Return or Resign PMB: Charly Boy or Basket Mouth for President


This morning I woke up with an epiphany, abeg no too look my grammar but wait. What if we just put Charly Boy as to run this country called Nigeria? He cannot be bad like that, he is a silent radical.  In fact, I suspect he is the one sponsoring all these anti-bad governance protests. Remember after Tubaba “chickened out” on Nigerians earlier in the year (even though reports have it that na DSS hand touch hin body)? If you remember very well, the rebound rally that took place shows Charly Boy marching right along.

I don’t know the intention of the newsmen ooo but Charly Boy seems to be the face of Nigeria protests.  I mean, Nollywood has traumatised us a lot, they should do something good for once. As much as we may not like to agree, entertainers are still the most influential persons in Nigeria after politicians and clerics.

Even the recent sit-out protest for the resignation of President Buhari on refusal to return home, Charly Boy and his power bike was all over the camera. This cannot be coincidence. he is trying to say something to us.

We have tested politicians and we have also had a taste of clerics. Maybe we should consider Mr. Charly.

Or what about Basketmouth? We all saw the stunt he played this past week on Twitter. We thinks it’s a joke; he is using us to joke and make fun and we are laughing. How I wish some Nigerians would install him as Presidential candidate by force. All this talk talk he has been doing till he became rich and famous, let him come and do something good with his mouth.

I am just saying, we should probably start looking for solutions to Nigeria’s problems in unlikely places. Maybe we have not considered all the possibilities, we are looking at 2019 by the corner. APC candidates have started jumping ship back to PDP, crossing carpets like Morris dancers. We will go to the polls again with the same dilemma: APC or PDP.

One of the things I learnt in my small education is that risk diversification can be best achieved when you spread your risk over many alternatives. I think a coalition of influential celebrities would be the ideal weapon to break the two party elections, we need a tie breaker and I vote Charly Boy, what is ya own vote?

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