Sai Baba, why WAI??


Perish the thought; Sai Baba’s revival of War Against Indiscipline (WAI) won’t be a replica of the 1984 modus operandi. Don’t expect to see one belligerent excessivist whipping a citizen for not queueing straight enough for a BRT bus at Obalende or Mende.

What we should ask is this – Why WAI?

That’s what should perturb us. I don’t understand why Nigerian leaders prefer erecting new institutions instead of strengthening the existent ones.

Why WAI when you can simply rejig and strengthen NSCDC for example?


This is another move that has embellished CHANGE in the mire of retrogression.

Abi, what do you think? Do You agree we need WAI at all?


PS: Apart from sane Nigerians, the person I pity most in all of these potpourri of no-do-good decisions is Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. I have a feeling he’d be struggling a lot. This show of actual senselessness is gonna worry him a lot. You may not understand this Osinbajo part to this post, but I do.

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  • Buhari sef. Is this what would put the economy back in shape? If you go to certain places and see how the place is organized, you naturally adjust. You cannot pay for a first class ticket in a flight and decide to sit in the cockpit. The environment disciplines people.

  • The sadist cow is indirectly recruiting fulani-herdsmen for operation and visionless sychophants are clapping their hand,that bokohari is working.Well he is working,bc killing people is work,bt satanic work. My promise to this cow president is that the guns of the killers,wll turn against them in a gross degree.

    • Yes i need the most wisdom that surpass that of King Solomon in the bible;My struggle for knowldge wll nt tarry till i attained to my professorship.Am afraid with pity and concern on ur adultrated and castrated brain. Without being told,God hav cursed u to be dunse and imbecile ad-infinitum.Oh,i wish swine brain wll be carved and install on ur head,which may enable u to decipher from ur left to right.Hahahah,no amount of beating wll make a fool to reason rationally,besides i would’ve command ur fellow fools in ur family to wire u.Sorry accept ur ignorance and foolishness as a gift of nature.

  • What IBB did not allow papa Buhari do in 1983 he want to complete it now.left to gmb alone he will sentence Olisa Mentu to 600yrs and Dasuki to 900yrs and FFK to 850yrs, fayoshe to 1500yrs.

  • If u dnt like it others like it.Nig needs something harder than this even.I wish the military gets back to power.The unfolding events in nig are worrisome from the leaders the led.Our mindsets are contagious and smells morethan a decayed corpse.

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