SIGH: 2shotz’s wife Precious Jones shares personal info with ‘friend’…who promptly leaks it!


When you’ve tried your best but can’t seem to succeed in a chosen area – work, family, matrimony or money – it is a major decision to confide in a friend; to sound a cry for help; to seek advice, solace, comfort or action.

There is therefore little worse than when your ‘friend’ takes your most painful plight and shares it with the world for cheap thrills and giggles. Even amongst an immediate circle of friends would have been bad enough, but to feign sympathy and care, only to release it to the media as general gossip fodder is nothing short of witchcraft.

This is the situation Precious Jones faced when she told a close friend via WhatsApp about the situation she was facing with her husband 2Shotz – alluding to violence, abuse, and threats.

The messages are harrowing to read and it is not our job to state whether there is any truth to the allegations or not; merely to state that we must all be careful who we confide in. A troubled marriage is hard enough without having to try to deal with it in the limelight.

I imagine that the release of this sensitive information might have led to her not-so-cryptic Instagram message which reads like a love letter to her children, but the whole thing just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

If I’m wrong,then I apologise unreservedly: a cynical part of me wonders if the ‘leaking’ of these messages aren’t part of some smear campaign against the rapper’s name. I don’t know and quite frankly, I don’t care any more. Precious is safely ensconced in Ireland at the moment and is at least out of harm’s way if the messages are to be believed.

Suffice to say that personal lives should be kept just that – PERSONAL.

So…I mean…the dross is out there now, so you might as well read it. Don’t say Viva Naija did nothing for ya:

And her Instagram message here:

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