South African Mthokozisi Biyela tweets the process from ‘Terrible Twenties’ to becoming a man


I remember as an undergraduate, all we ever wanted to do was graduate. We thought life had handed us all the skills and wisdom we needed to go forth and be great. Matter of fact, we thought we knew it all already and the four walls of the campus were simply holding us back – the women from being…basically like Claire Huxtable in the Cosby Show, and the guys from becoming a man.

Wasn’t she everything back in the day??

Well, I’m sure anybody who has come out at the other side knows that we were just FOOLING ourselves by thinking life would be a bed of roses if we could just leave the clutches of sadistic lecturers and the cursed CGPA.

Job interviews, broken promises, laughing shoes and many, many Keke Napep rides showed us that we couldn’t have been more disillusioned if we tried. Add that to colleagues who probably came from wealthier backgrounds and found jobs easily or worse still, travelled abroad immediately after the NYSC year, and we soon came to realise what sad lives we actually led.

But imagine if it was not all doom and gloom? If, during these most trying times, some virtues could actually be cultivated and some differences be made?

This is what Mthokozisi Biyela does with the next fifteen tweets – paints a picture that most guys have gone through in the arduous process to becoming a man. Heck, I’m female and I was reading these and going “Oh my gosh, soooo true!!”

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