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Buhari to inaugurate Nigeria’s first seven-star hotel

It's sad.. So sad that of all the things going on in Nigeria, this is our President’s second utmost priority right now, with the...

7 ways to get the best out of your generator

I was sitting at home, enjoying Game of Thrones on my laptop when those PHCN people struck again. Ayam tayad. Not just because I...

About bloody time! FG, investors sign N522bn pacts for mega solar...

I mean, Lord above knows we get enough sunlight in that country. Even though most days you can't see the sun because it is...

British Gas to offer free electricity at weekends to 2m customers

British Gas is to offer free electricity for eight hours at weekends to two million customers who have smart meters installed. The lucky customers will...

IBPMNs – Give it up for Nigeria’s Century Orchestra

This article was written two years ago, it saddens that it still remains relevant, painfully much more, till now. The many sounds of generators emanating...