About bloody time! FG, investors sign N522bn pacts for mega solar plants

©Daily Trust|Babatunde Fashola, Mustapha Baba Shehuri, Waziri Bintube at solar power signing ceremony

I mean, Lord above knows we get enough sunlight in that country. Even though most days you can’t see the sun because it is clouded by thick smog from generator fumes, but I digress.

Yes, it would seem that the federal government has finally decided to pull its finger out and do something about the current state of power (or lack thereof) in the country. They are investing into solar energy.

The acting Managing Director of the Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Plc (NBET), Mr Waziri Bintube, has said that 14 investors are working to generate 1,125megawatts (mw) electricity from solar technology. He says the pact was worth $1.75billion (about N521.9billion) and expected to produce power in 2017.

$1.75billion. $1.75billion!! Na so sunlight dear reach? It just seems to me that we spend obscene sums on generating power and seem to generate less and less of it. The government can call any amount of megawatts they like, it means nothing to anyone.

The only way one can know how much power is being generated is based on how much diesel and petrol one has to buy, and I’ll tell you this: it’s a lot.

Anyway, perhaps we should support this new initiative. Speaking of support though, is there any reason why the majority of the project is being based in the northern part of the country? Cos we don’t want to look like we’re not all for CHANGE, but there’s something not quite right with the resource allocation to my mind.

Ah, but there’s method to the madness, according to Bintube. He gave reasons for 13 of the plants being in the North, saying that solar energy generation was highest in Northern Nigeria.

Hian, that’s as may be. I hear Sokoto sun is not a joking sturves at all. But it’s hardly like the rest of Nigeria is languishing under a canopy either. I understand that solar energy is not generated by heat but by the radiance of the sun, but still. Scandinavian countries manage it with no problems and I don’t see why we cannot. It is difficult to explain to people that “Nigeria is one” when divisive decisions such as these keep getting made.

As for Fashola, he voiced concerns over the durability of these projects as he said a few had been done in the past that were rather shoddy and didn’t stand the test of time. Well, I guess that’s why you’re the minister, right? To oversee that quality is maintained? Please, not like the way you oversaw the building of that website that other time o, ehen. Thank you.


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    • What a comment from you Emeka Ugwu. What proposal have you sent to the government or do you think that investors are not aware that coal is available in Enugu? The bigger question is what has the Enugu States government done with the abundance of Coal in the state. Why are there no coal powered power stations in Enugu state? At least the federal governments before now were also controlled by the ruling party in Enugu States. We are fond of asking the wrong questions and making wrong comments which are mostly borne out of sentiment or hatred and this will not help the country in any way. If Enugu States had been generating 1000MW of electricity from coal and the government forcefully took it into the national grid and Enugu state was in darkness then such arguments will make sense and apply to the issue. At least previous governments have taken such steps to diversify our source of power we wouldn’t be rationing power like we are doing now despite the senseless activities in the Niger Delta region at the moment

  1. I think the best option should be modular Nuclear Reactors! Not more than 300MW ; less problematic; self sustenance;profitable ( can repay all cost of investment in first 5 years) and less man power to operate and maintain.

    • Well Mr Emeka i dont think with safeguard engagement by IAEA can allow any country to use Nuclear energy for destructive purpose! As for safety with New generation power reactors i can boastfully say that zero risk probability even in the event of some tonnes of explosive devices being detonated! So what are you saying?

  2. This is why we keep having the old people at the helm of affairs in this country because the youths are not ready for leadership with the way we respond to national issues. An agreement has just been signed on something that of and when completed would improve power supply and by extension economic activities and this is how we react to it. REALLY PATHETIC

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