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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Motherhood can be overwhelming – Kim Kardashian

Life becomes like Fame when you've got a baby - you break into a song giving him a bath, and feeding him what he...

Happy mother’s day…but it’s like we’re celebrating women everyday now o!

Aaaaaah aaaaaaaahh!! Happy Mother's Day again??? Shebi we still celebrated something for them 10 minutes ago? Oginni?? Just yesterday, they told us, Valentine's Day. We bought perfume, we...
Man mother stone

TERRIFIC: You need to see what this man did to his...

This is the kind of mother-son love stronger than the tongue plus the covalent, ionic and/or van der Waals forces combined. Yesterday was yet another...

Happy Mother’s Day to Mama Yemi and every other amazing mum...

I am a proud, card carrying member of Daddy's Girl club. The delight I feel when I impress my dad, when I talk to...