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Dear Nigerians, the solution for the tomato scarcity is at hand!

Copied from Party Jollof Tomato scarcity has caused many things o. You know those tears you shed when they told you 6 plums of tomato...

Meet Tuta Absoluta, the anti-tomato guy who doesn’t respect our ‘loff’...

So, this moon-walking, gentle-looking guy, na im take our tomato-joy and tomato-jos away...this guy?? Wow. Tuta Absoluta, popular now as Tuta 'Ebola', the guy responsible...

14 Pictures Nigerians don’t wanna see right now

In this same tomato-terse moment in Nigeria, when our dear Jollof Rice has turned to 'Jelloff' for dearth of tomatoes, some people somewhere in Spain reveled...

Tomato scarcity: why? Where? What happened? How party jollof go be...

The real issue Nigerians are facing now is not fuel subsidy but tomato scarcity. Owambes aren't the same without party jollof and streets ain't smiling!