Tanzanian President Magufuli The Bulldozer shows African leaders how to rule a nation


Have you ever seen the look of determination? That look that says “If you people make the mistake of giving me this president sometin, you will know who I am in this Tanzania”?

This is the total aura of the new President John Magufuli as he introduces drastic changes to the country of Tanzania since being sworn in FOUR short weeks ago.

In his presidential campaign, he preached “Work and nothing else” is what the country would need, and the electorate probably thought it was “same old, same old” – promises with little substance behind them. Come to find out, the old boy wasn’t playing with them at all.

Fighting fit and ready, the new president is NOT playing.

Hian. You people should come and see Magufuli o. He is tackling EVERY sector ALL at the same time:

Health care – one story that has generated much discussion in print and on social media was his on-the-spot sacking of “the boss” at the country’s Muhimbili Hospital where he arrived unannounced to take a look at how things were going.

Apparently he found what should be one of Tanzania’s premier public health facilities in the kind of mess that those who are familiar with the health sectors of other countries in the region have grown to accept as normal.

“Normal” in these places is defined by equipment lying broken and un-repaired; patients sharing beds while others sleep on the floor, and health workers having long adopted a go-slow attitude to work, whereby attending to patients promptly can be optional, with sanctions for such conduct being rare.

Government spending – the nation was still reeling from this when he, once again unannounced, popped over to the Ministry of Finance to find half the seats empty because the staff were all on holiday!! We Nigerians know that one as “Oga is not on seat. Oga has travelled” Well, Magufuli the gee drafted a whole new set of rules as to how many people can be out of office at anyone time. Gbam!

Oh, and by the way, this year Tanzanians will not be celebrating the country’s independence day known as Uhuru Day with the usual largesse and overspending. Reports say he wants Tanzanians to grab brooms and other implements and spend the day cleaning up their neighbourhoods instead. This I agree with. Biko what are we celebrating? Years of independence and everything is still anyhow? Abeg sweep ya house and clean ya community. Ees very good.

He wishes to use the funds saved from the Uhuru Day celebrations to implement a major clean-up campaign instead to stem the spread of cholera that is currently ravaging the country. This man is BAE!

He has similarly addressed land issues; properties erected  illegally by the rich and the powerful have been demolished in their presence; the Tanzania Revenue Authority have been put on notice regarding tax evasion and corruption; power utility firm – Tanesco – have been asked to address intermittent power outages…the list is endless.

I doubt wonder if we can implement these measures in our corruption-ridden nation, but it is good to see hope; to see that one African man dares to stand up to do what is right.


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