That’s how some people will miss heaven because of racism: Facebook lady lost her £10…and her damn mind!


The news is trending on Facebook about a sweet young man who tried to give a lady the ten pound note she dropped and her racist response has led to his lunchtime come-up…as well as recognition for his skills as a mad UK grime lyricist!

Joe Christie saw that a young lady had dropped some money on the floor, and before he could draw her attention to it, she grasped the wrong end of the stick entirely and haughtily informed him that she isn’t “into Black boys” and flounced off.

Well, turns out black boys are into lunch – regardless of the colour of skin of whomever is paying – and he helped himself to a nice one. The change from the tenner is what is in his hands. If there is a God, hopefully that’s her last tenner too; teach her to stop making gross, outdated and racist assumptions.

So congratulations on your amazing manners and your new found exposure, Subzero. We’re here bigging you up!

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