The Ask Methodology for Achieving More Support and Growth through Your Network


I’ve been almost totally swamped with work. I had to quickly come share this. Here’s a quick fix on how you can help people to help you. Many of us are either ashamed to ask for help or we think people know what we need:

  • “He knows I’m in school, why has he not called?”
  • “Why have they never sent me money?”
  • “Why is no one supporting my business?”

I have been in this position a lot and trust me, it’s frustrating. I start feeling alone and depressed. Instead of seeing the positives around me, I only saw the negatives.

I start resenting people for no reason. We all do it. I bet you have blocked, unfriended and un-followed a lot of people for this same reason.

You expect them to know what you want. You think because you are making so much effort and doing so much good, people should naturally be inclined to support you. Sadly, it doesn’t always work this way.

You have to learn to ASK.

This is one of those things you don’t want to disagree with the Bible about. Ask and you will receive. No matter what you believe in, ask. The principle is not just some religious blabber. You must realise that the human will is both strong and fragile. Most times we don’t know what we want so we’re in no position to be telepathic about your needs.

You want money but you keep hiding behind modesty and asking people to pray for you. Why not pray and then ask for what you want? You need people to share your book links? Ask them. When you launch a new business, you don’t just announce the name of the business. You move a step further and ask people to talk about your business. Ask those who have been buying similar products to try your own brand.

Changing people’s minds about you is a huge job. People need to start seeing you as someone with a request. Not just another random internet user, friend or relative.

If you want anything so badly, start asking today. Don’t wait for people to come to you, go to them. Put away your pride. You are not too big to ask people! Stop telling yourself that they should know what to do? Nobody is here specifically to read your mind and tend to your needs.

Everyone is just as needy as you are so ask for help. I will ask you and you can say yes or no. You can also ask me too; I will say yes or no. Not asking at all is you assuming that people know what you need, that’s hardly true. Most of us don’t even know what we need, how much more what you need. Ask.

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