The rain poured heavily, sending shivers down her spine.

Enveloped into her soft bed with arms held tight together, and carefully tucked in between her legs.

She laid there unbothered by the soft kisses of rain on her cheek, as they bounced off the net from the windows she didn’t care to leave shut the night before.

She felt too drained to push herself off the bed.

An hour passed, and she heard the rain wane, silently whispering its goodbyes with strokes of soft wind.

Grudgingly, Njideka opened her tired, swollen eyes, and sighed deeply, still clutching to the shivers that drew her in. She rose, weak from those tears.

Standing in the bathroom, she faced the sink that witnessed her tears the night before, turned the shower, and hoped the water from there will assume better tears.

Then, ‘Knock Knock’.

It was Ameze at the door.

Ameze had called a hundred times to no avail the night before.

She reached out to Njideka who tried to pull back, but Ameze wasn’t having it. She held onto Njideka even tighter with her firm right hand.

Hugs done, Njideka’s cursory eyes caught a lil’ sac in Ameze’s left hand. A sac filled with thin brown wrapped papers the lengths of a middle finger Njideka was oblivious of.

Ameze left Njideka puzzled about the contents in her black sac, shutting the door behind her before heading straight to the kitchen.

Then, she pulled one out with the slim finger that had the fake designer ring, and leaned on the yellow painted wall.

Njideka looked at her in shock, her eyes questioning as Ameze lit the one she held and handed it to her.

Bewildered, she shook her head, rejecting the shocking offer, and watched as Ameze pulled a drag and saw smoke bellow through her nostrils.

“It won’t hurt” Ameze said, stretching out her hand to pass on the “lit one”.

“It will help you get better”, she echoed.

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