Small white clouds hung in the air.

It left stains of grey before it disappeared.

Njideka watched as one she puffed out from the circle of her lips, hit a face she recognized.

He reached out, gently placing a finger on her cheek. Slowly, but surely, his palm unfolded, pressing onto her skin until she felt the heat seep through it.

He pulled her closer, tight, against his bare chest. Breathing soft words of adornment on the back of her neck. The hairs there stood on end, singing too in praise of the mouth that lingered closely.

“I’m sorry” he whispered.

Drunk in the taste of renewed passion, her eyes barely open, Njideka asked, “hmm?”

“I’m sorry” he repeated.

She nodded, eyes laced with unbridled tears she had managed to keep hidden, since she last saw him breaking up with her.

She lifted her arms and placed one on the small of his neck.

The other, she rested on his cheek.

“It’s okay.
I forgive you.” Njideka responded, smiling into the darkness that now surrounded her.

He smiled then too, as his dark head descended.

She could feel his eyes burning with heat.

He kissed her softly, carefully, as if afraid to hurt her again.

His kiss deepened, wanting, desperate for the warm syrup underneath. Pushing her against the wall, she moaned. She couldn’t feel her legs anymore.

His hands were busy, unfolding, unclapping, unwrapping.

Heavy breaths filled the room. It seemed like the man who said he couldn’t handle her anymore, was the only one in the room with her.


For a second, with red, heavy eyes, she blinked, and saw Ameze’s lips descending on hers.

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