The Stormzy Corbyn Affair: A Quick Lesson In Political Endorsements


The Stormzy Corbyn Affair. Because, sometimes, you have to use your force for good. When I read that voter registration spiked by 236% on the day Stormzy tweeted in support of the UK Labour Party, I was mad gassed.

Stormzy is a celebrated, renowned grime artist. You might not know him if Pachelbel is your personal poison but if you’re into the British street sound, then you’ll definitely have heard of Stormzy.

His sound is pure street while remaining woke and aware:

Man, I’ve got grown men @ing me bullsh*t
You’re getting way too old for the timeline
You’re getting way too old for a diss
Should’ve looked after your kids
Get out the booth, go home to your son
It’s never too late to commit

He’s been less than complimentary towards Boris Johnson, so I knew he didn’t care for him, but to endorse Labour with his full chest? That’s a youth leader and a half.

Many Nigerian celebrities are either circumspect about announcing which way they’re voting, or they only come out publicly after receiving alaht. Can’t say that I blame them; our politicians who struggle to remember if they’ve paid pensions or salaries are remarkably clear on the names of people who voted against them. And then there are the activities you just would rather people not shine torch lights on. Promoting the wrong party on your Instagram in Nigeria will usually elicit a visit from the EFCC. Sometimes, it’s just career suicide to put your name on the line.

But, what if? Just what if we did? What if the personalities with the power to move huge swathes of people persuaded the public to demand for more? For better? Good afternoon, pastors and imams, me, I just said I shuu greet o. Ehen.

Anyway, well done, Stormzy! Proud of you. I would have been just as proud if you had raised your voice for Tory. Fine. I lie. But, still. Well done, bruv.

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