Wait, #SaveMayowa was a scam? I yaff dead! Flat-lined!

Allegations are rife that the #SaveMayowa story we shared with you just two days ago was a scam all along. And trust me, we are hoping this simply is NOT TRUE! Oh Lord!
Now, before we go on, we need to make a point first, the post we made, titled “N32M raised in three days for #SaveMayowa – Somehow, humanity hasn’t lost it all” (SEE HERE), was based on the fact that Nigerians give charitably and also to praise the humaneness still lurked within humanity. Now, according to an unconfirmed report from a popular blog, it’s now being learnt that Mayowa Ahmed’s family scammed kindhearted Nigerians.
But, we all see that Mayowa is really sick, she truly has Ovarian cancer, and she’s admitted at LUTH; but it is claimed she didn’t need money for surgery, as it is said by these same unconfirmed reports that doctors had told Mayowa she was beyond treatment, and that no hospital in the world could treat her as she was extremely far gone. Hmmn?
Reports also laid claims that these doctors in LUTH have also denied giving her family a medical report advising her to seek treatment abroad.
Toyin Aimakhu, who was one of those who spearheaded the fundraising, as you read this, is at LUTH right now with police officers. Some people also went to the family’s home and the place is locked up. Will share video from the fight at LUTH, involving Toyin and one other donor later.
This blog has never been used as a platform for pity parties or fundraising. We have never championed one sick person or the other, nor used our clout in the blogging world to persuade ANYBODY to part with cash.

When we covered this story, it was to congratulate Nigerians on their ability to show sympathy and empathy against mind blowing odds. It would have been easy to say “Fuel cost, tomato cost, one person say e get cancer? As dat one take consine person na? Na me do am?”

But Nigerians gave. Some out of their millions of naira, some out of their widow’s mite. And we could not let that go without a mention.

This then saddens us to note that should this be true, Nigerians may ‘lock up’ next time when someone genuinely needs help. And Lord knows there is enough apathy in the world already.

Ooooooh, we really hope this isn’t true. Really. Because if it is, it would amount to a vicious rape of compassion! Ha!

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