Rest is yours, Mayowa; rest – an elegy for Mayowa Ahmed


Thank you, Mayowa Ahmed, thank you.

You lived up to your name, Mayowa.

You brought forth  joy.

Yes, the joy we saw as your face reminded us humanity is still humane.

The joy we felt when we knew you could still fight.

The joy we owned even when villains hustled your peace for traffic.

You made us contact that place of pride within us.

As you fought with vigour, you still gave us a few smiles.

As you competed on a marathon with the pain of cancer.

And yet, on that sick bed, you still gave us some golden smiles. Smiles that confirm that you’re an Olympian of life. And thus, you taught us, how to always believe.

How it is not odd to face odds with all.

How to hope against hope.

Mayowa, you taught us.

Thank you.

Now, rest.

We are sorry for hassling you on this last lap.

We are sorry for “blogging off” the little peace left off your fight for pecuniary gains.

We are sorry for hounding your quiet just to keep our qwerty busy.

Still, your dignity remained clear for us to see.

Still, the legacy your life left is that of unbridled clemency.

Mayowa, rest now. The battle is over, and you won.

Because you won, humanity won, kindness won.

Mayowa, Mayokun, Mayode, rest on.



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