WARNING: Don’t view these 16 Odunlade Adekola memes in public or else…! [+Video where it all started]


We have seen this particular expression practically everywhere, so much it has become a meme staple, an A-list meme sauce! It has been used to depict sheer surprise, rude shock, and/or blatant disdain in ways just more than one. Ha-ha!

Without doubt, Nollywood actor, Odunlade Adekola, has become an indisputable class comic! Every expression he now gives in movies, even to depict anger, all posses meme-worthiness in no small way. LMAO! But this particular one above has enjoyed viral usage by Naija’s witty meme warriors in the past couple of months up till now. So, we have gotten the 16 most-hilarious ones for your comic delight this day. A sure bet that they will crack you up! Enjoy….

  1. Corruption be like, “hey! wait wait, stop calling the name of your Lord in vain!”….hehehe

2. Hian! Sai Baba, “MY doctors”? We dey here na! London bawo? 

3. Google is suing y’all for child abuse. hahahaha

4. Now now? that was fast? teheeeeeeee

5. Village people on fleek!

6. Charge charges nko?

7. Kukuma table ya death certificate na! hehehehe

8. Sango aka Amadioha, be like, “Shuo, na me dem yeye laik diz

9. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! But, he just wanted to see your “friend” certificate now, based on Police-Is-Your-Friend’s levo

10. Bros, take it easy na….hehehe

11. Aiye le ooo, ibosi oooo………hahaha!

12. Like, you say? hahaha! AFRICAN MUMS ARE THE BEATING MVPs

13. Oshe! Efiko! #OnionDemGang last last……..hahaha

14. Dogs lives matter too…….LOL

15. We all know this kid don die, shebi? LOOOOOOL, we know!

16. Summer or sumptuous….chose one. HAHAHAHA!

Watch the scene from the movie where this hilariously sufficient expression of Odunlade Adekola originated from:


We are sure you are still having a full laugh right there….Nigerians are the best comedians on earth!



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