What have you been reading if Not Banky W’s Bank Statements? 7 Hot lessons from “Dear Stalker”


Banky W’s stalker video which he described as “cringe worthy” is not to be brushed away so quickly. Some of us were just waiting for the dust to blow over so we can take over from where he stopped.

The paparazzi is not a big deal in the entertainment industry. There will always been those obsessed fans and reporters who make it their life’s work to document celebrities’ unaware moments.

In the video we all saw, the Wellingtons were totally unaware that their ordinariness was about to be someone’s object of spite. However, this was just a beautiful opportunity for us mere mortals to be schooled the ‘Bank Statements’ way.

Here are a few salient lessons from Dear Stalker:

  1. Poverty is of the mind: the stalkers showed us that being poor is not defined by the acquisitions one can make. A lot of Nigerians would do well to borrow a leaf from Banky W’s minimalist approach to life. In his letter he says “I’ve never found it necessary to own more than one car. Mostly because I can only ever DRIVE one car at a time.”
  1. Home ownership trumps: in corporate offices, a common trend is the hustle to show off. Young graduates gain employment and immediately join the rush to drive the latest cars in town. They rent their homes but drive flashy cars. The loans many take in order to buy cars could go into owning homes. We all claim to hate landlord wahala but clearly not as much as we enjoy the oga feeling that comes with a big flashy ride.
  1. The heart maketh the man: The 2008 Range Rover Sport will be auctioned soon. According to Banky W, the proceeds of the auction had been promised to charity for the “Vocational School for the Blind” in Oshodi and the “Pink Oak Cancer Trust Fund”. The heart that beats for the weak and the vulnerable is way above the petty foolishness displayed by the stalker.
  1. Legacy: Obviously Mr. Wellington has a strong sentiment for legacy and history. There’s always that one thing that a lot of us are unwilling to let go of. That cinema ticket, teddy bear, silly inanities that have been part of our lives. There’s nothing wrong here, it’s just human to attach sentiment to some things. A lot of our fathers drove their father’s Beetle and Benz cars till those artefacts could hardly crawl.
  1. Goodwill: In 2016, King Sunny Ade sold his guitar for 52 whooping million! The years of history and art created was what made that guitar so valuable. Banky W referenced the history and people that had shared awesome times in the Range Rover with him and his wife. Life and value flows from shared beauty. We can expect the car to auction at some mind blowing price!
  1. Multiple streams: Why would such a successful artiste like Banky W own an uber cab? With the little he wrote about this other venture he had embarked on, it’s easy to tell this is someone who doesn’t have all his eggs stacked in a music bag. Retirement might still be a way off for him but there’s no denying it that many former Nigerian celebrities have ended up in terrible ruts after leaving the limelight. Multiple income streams is the new song, and the Wellingtons are singing it too.
  1. Lemonades: When life gives you lemons, squeeze and make lemonades. All things can work for your good if you keep a positive disposition. The Wellingtons would not be the first to experience such negativity and stalkers but they chose to make something awesome out of the pile of trash tossed at them.

There’s a well of gold dredging itself up at the doorsteps of the Wellingtons. Everyone is excited for the “Bank Statement” album promised to come out shortly. If nothing, reading through the blog section of Banky’s website can be all the schooling one needs for the rest of the year. Dear stalker, go grab a seat and some popcorn, read and learn. Maybe your bank statements would actually become as valuable as Banky’s handwriting.

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