Women choosing career over children are ‘half-persons’ – Turkish President


Utterances such as those made by Turkish President this week gone are part of the reason why the quest for women’s equality and women’s rights must never stop. It is unfortunate that feminism in Nigeria and other parts of the world has been reduced to who will cook and if the wife will remain ‘humble’ should she gain emancipation. The patriarchal and right wing sword dangling over the freedom of women in Turkey is just further proof that we still have a long way to go.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rejected the idea of emancipation of women through greater financial independence by saying that women who trade the role of a mother and a housewife for a career, are “half-persons.”

“A woman who abstains from maternity by saying ‘I am working’ means that she is actually denying her femininity. This is my sincere thought,” Erdogan said at the opening ceremony of the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM) in Istanbul, as cited by the Anadolu news agency.

“A woman who refuses maternity and gives up housekeeping faces the threats of losing her freedom. She is lacking and is a half [a person] no matter how successful she is in the business world.”

“I would recommend having at least three children,” Erdogan said.

This man is entitled to his opinion, but the problem with opinions as that they cannot be mistaken for facts. Erdogan continues to make these anti-feminist statements and seems to continually stand in the way of growth and progress in Turkey.

Indeed, although modern Turkey was founded on the principles of nationalism and secularism, critics believe that Erdogan and his party, the AKP are trying to turn the country into an Islamist state like the old Ottoman Empire.

It is always so curious to see men trying to dictate to women who they can and cannot be; what their God-given role on this Earth should be; and what name they should answer to.

My sympathies go to women in Turkey as this man seems unstable. The opinions of a man in a beer parlour might mean nothing, the opinions of the president who has the power to make, rewrite or repeal a law can be a dangerous thing indeed.

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  • It is my choice. The crux of a woman’s life is not defined by “legal penis” and maternal abilities. There are many women who love what they do and do not define their success based on havinh children or husbands.

  • I know a lot of women earn the right equality by giving equally and gaining equally and they have my respect for that, most of all in how they maintain their sanity while going about their business. On the other hand men are not as equally gifted in all aspects everywhere as mostly expected. Women’s right must not be taken from them but, it must be earned like anyone should.

  • there is nothing like equality, it’s not possible, if that’s so then let women also fight to have male parts as well. This world is turning to something else, the woman should understand her role as a feminine, she should work, yes, get her pay, yes, support her husband and take care of the home (who are they leaving that for), they shld not be too into a job that it breaks up the home (remember: no one is indispensible), the men should understand their roles too as head of the family. the woman can never be equal in anything to the male and vise versa. I say they should stand up for #women_EQUITY not equality. When this is done, then there’s ordaliness. Thanks

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