Xenophobia in South Africa: Fire 🔥 in Soweto ~ Biodun Idris


Of all the nationalities on the African continent and the black race in general, Nigerians are wired differently.

Positively different.

Nigerians are the most intelligent, most enterprising, best educated, most cunning and most prosperous – for the African Continent.

But Nigeria has the worst leaders.

The body of the fish is sweet, but the head is rotten.

Eventually, you will have stomach cramps and food poisoning.

Na that food poisoning we dey see manifesting around the world, particularly in South Africa at the moment.

As we are still struggling to come to terms with how Nigeria ended up with a mind boggling $9 billion dollar debt on a contract designed to fail ab initio, we wake up to Nigerian businesses up in flames in South Africa, our citizens being lynched on the streets of South Africa like sacrificial lambs.

Yes o, South Africa.

The same South Africa that Nigerians sweated money and blood to extricate from the grips of apartheid that had been tormenting the country for hundreds of years.

Right from primary school in the 60s, I was taught about the evils of Segregation and Apartheid in South Africa. Therefore, in my formative years, I always felt empathy for the South Africans as I would for my blood brother.

And I was not alone.

In the confines of my bedroom, I would sit by the radio, listening to the latest news coming out of that region, willing the Freedom Fighters on, from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) to Namibia, Angola to South Africa.

By rote, millions of Nigerians were also Freedom Fighters for our brothers and sisters in that region, supporting our Government in its stance against the scourge of the White Man on our continent.

Particularly in the 19th century, when the Christian Missionaries like Mungo Park and David Livingstone claimed to have “Discovered River Niger” African countries had become trading posts for the Europeans like France and The British Empire.

Countries like Germany, Portugal and the Dutch wanted a piece of the pie and wanted to muscle in on the “Africa juicy bone”. Hence began what is known in our sad history as the “Scramble for Africa”. All the stakeholders decided to sit down at a conference and settle the matter, hence the Berlin Conference of I884.

At the Berlin Conference of 1884, the Western Countries sat down at a round table and literally divided Africa amongst themselves.

Read (How Europe Underdeveloped Africa) by Walter Rodney.

My brother, no be small thing o!

That is how colonialism and imperialism started in Africa and we have not recovered till today.

In fact, the xenophobia that is happening today in South Africa against Nigerians, is a direct offshoot of the 1884 Berlin Conference. (Africa cake sharing conference)

Part of the initial grand evil plan was that Africa as a continent must not unite.

The Europeans knew that with the resources and manpower that was in abundance in Africa, they would never be able to exploit a united Africa.

They had to keep us apart and pitch us against one another.

That is why any African leader that preached ‘One Africanism’ as a philosophical, or political goal, was either eliminated, or compromised.

Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkrumah are just a few leaders that immediately come to mind, whose blood were murderously sacrificed at the altar of “One Africa”.

Ghadaffi of Libya was deliberately demonised, despite his own failings, because they saw him as a threat, a despot who had started preaching “One Africa”

He had to go.

‘One Africa’ is the nemesis of our western exploiters. ‘Divide and Rule’ is the invisible blue print to keep on exploiting Africa and it’s vast resources.

Sadly, the evil western countries always find collaborators among our leaders for their nefarious evil plans.

They also use the machinations of propaganda and control of media to whip up tribal and xenophobic sentiments among us.

Deliberate economic deprivation is the sharpest tool they use to pitch brothers against brothers, as we are witnessing in South Africa today.

It is not that our South African brothers woke up one day and hated the sight of Nigerians. It is envy, born out of poverty.

The whites gave the blacks political power which they craved and fought for, but held on to the financial and economic power!

Now, the Nigerians, who are quite intelligent and enterprising, as I mentioned in the beginning, but do not have an enabling environment to prosper economically in their own Nigeria, head off to South Africa and pitch tent on the land of Zulu and Uhuru.

South Africa, having been colonised by the whites (Dutch) provides for an enabling economic environment, but the black indigenes have been second class citizens for so long. They tend to be too slow off the mark.

Mr Chukudi sees all the openings, including 24 hour NEPA, takes advantage and soon, his business is booming.

I know it sounds simplistic, but I can write a proper dissertation and you will spend hours with your dictionary, reading.

Just deploy your intellect for the bigger picture please.

Suffice to say, Nigeria should strive to create a viable economic working environment, so that the brain and economic drain of our best human resources can ebb and stop flowing out to foreign climes.

They should be encouraged to stay at home and develop Nigeria and avoid exposing our citizens to the petulance and envy of deprived indigenes abroad.

To Be Continued (if necessary).


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