3 Areas Nigerians Find Happiness and Unity


In a country where many things seem to be going wrong, we often forget to – or prefer not to – talk about the positives. We love to talk about our problems ehn!

In spite of all the problems, Nigerians are happy people. Remember Fela’s song; “suffering and smiling”? So what are the things that keep Nigerians happy sef? Here are a few of them:

1. Football – though there are a few ladies who are passionate about football, this one has more to do with the men. Have you seen a group of men gathered around a newspaper stand before? My God! You’d think there’s something much more serious happening there, but most times, they are talking about Messi or Ronaldo, Arsenal and Chelsea, or the Super Eagles. The interesting thing is that most of this people forget about their religious, tribal, or political differences once they’re watching or talking about football. They become friends in seconds, talk and laugh together. There’s no doubt, Nigerians love football like crazy.

2. Entertainment – this is another area that binds Nigerians together. We just love music, don’t we? What about comedy shows, movies and so on? If you take a look at the fan base of top Nigerian artistes such as; TuBaba, Davido, WizKid, you’ll realise the intersection of every tribe in Nigeria. It’s not surprising that many Nigerians don’t even know TuBaba’s state of origin, or what language he speaks. We just love his music, and that’s all that matters. What about comedy shows? The way people laugh at AY’s shows, you’ll think Nigerians don’t even have any problems.

3. Food – this is another area where our dependence on one another is so strong. We buy food stuff that we want from other Nigerians who sell them, regardless of where they have come from. Since we need food to survive, this is one area where people care less about tribe or religion. Yoruba people lose their minds over afang soup; I have a friend from Jos who will sell his mother for some amala and ewedu. The Yorubas, Hausas and the Igbos all come together in peace and unity, once food is involved.

These are few areas where I think strengthen the unity of our country, and where most Nigerians find happiness. What other areas do you think I left out? Add yours.

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