5 ways to make your Nigerian wife’s head swell


My Naija men I hail o! How are things? Now my able men, I know that things are presently quite challenging and you are on the hustle to provide for yourself and your family and I praise you for this but in between all your grinding, do not forget that wonderful woman you have by your side. Please do your best to make her praise the day she laid aside shakara and decided to give you a chance. Now I know you’re probably thinking “Who get time for all these romantic things?! Abeg when things get better jare we go do am” but my able men, the time to do such things is NOW. There is no better time to make your wife feel special than NOW. So here are 5 ways to make your Nigerian wife’s head swell

1) Buy her a “just because” gift

Look my brother you dont have to wait till her birthday, Valentine’s day or the anniversary to let your wife know that she is special to you. You can send her a gift right now and the gift doesn’t have to be anything that will break your bank account sef. Does she have a favorite ice cream? Buy it for her! Has she been aching for some “beauty time”? Arrange for her to visit a spa! Na sharwama dey totori her head? Guy organize one for her. There are so many options! So pay attention, listen and with this let her know that you are thinking about her.

p.s. Please note that this is a “just because” gift. It is not so that she will give you some extra loving tonight. Though she probably will

perve smile (5 ways to make your Nigerian wife's head swell)
If you know what I mean ?

2) Send her a love text messages while she is at work:

My brother, many things will go out of style but expressing your affection in words never will.  Pick up your phone and send her messages telling her how much you adore and appreciate her. Admire that work of art that is her body. Tell her how much she turns you on. Let her know that you are thinking of her and you wish her all the best at work. By the time she read am finish her head will just be like:

swollen head (5 ways to make your Nigerian wife's head swell)
Mission well accomplished

3) Bring her lunch at work:

Now I admit this can be a bit challenging and is only possible if the two of you work close to each other but if it can be done, please do it. Not only will you make her feel amazing, it is also a way of showing her off too. I remember a female colleague of mine whose boyfriend (not even husband o!) cooked better jollof rice with turkey for her and brought it for to eat. Chai! I took one look at that man and told her that she is lucky that I’m not a woman because if i was eh? Hmmmmmmm…. make i no talk. Anyway sha she will feel special. Please note you don’t have to cook the food o! Just buy and personally deliver.  Her face will just be like:

MY DARRRRRRLIIIIING!!! (5 ways to make your Nigerian wife's head swell)

4) Praise her publicly:

Oga forget that “It is not African” thing. PDA is allowed! Praise your wife not just in private but in public too! Praise her in front of the kids. When you do so you are teaching them a lot of positives. Another great way to do this is to make a Facebook post lauding her or call up a radio station that you know she listens to and dedicate a special song to her! Oga mi, being a Nigerian woman is not easy so biko ginger her well and make her swoon!

Herbie Popnecker by American Comics Group (5 ways to make your Nigerian wife's head swell)
This man sabi the work!!!!

5)  Get her fave local celebrity to call her or send her a message:

Does your wifey have a fave celebrity? Is it Flavour and his abs? Iyanya and his abs? Peter and Paul Okoye and their abs? Well thanks to Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram, we are more connected than we have ever been so by all means send them a request to contact your wife. Let them know that she is a big fan and a word from them will mean a lot to her. They might not respond (they are busy men and women after all) but someone once said, “You miss a 100 percent of the shots you DON’T take” Your woman is worth is. So step up to the plate and try. If it doesn’t click, she’ll never know and you can try something else but if it does click, you’d have made her day and you’ll leave her looking like:

My guy well done jare! (5 ways to make your Nigerian wife's head swell)
My guy well done jare!

So that’s our list. Did we miss any out? What other ways can you make the head of your Nigerian wife swell? Tell us about it in the comments below. We are Viva Naija and we only want to make your marriage sweeter

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