5 Ways to Shock your Nigerian Man (In a good way)


Naija women I salute una o! How far na? Well this article was supposed to be titled “5 ways to thrill your Nigerian girl” but it suddenly came to me “What about we Nigerian men”? We need some attention and good loving too na! Our engines have been long overdue for some sweet oyeling so without further ado, we are Viva Naija, and here are 5 ways to shock your Nigerian Man (In a good way)

1) Take him out to eat all his favourite things:

Oh yes, your man deserves to be pampered. So carry him out and give his belly some good, good loving. Don’t just take him anywhere o! Take him to those places that serve what he loves to eat and serve it well. Is it amala and some serious ewedu and gbegiri? If you are in Lagos, White House no dey slack! Is it juicy hamburgers? Ahan, Johnny Rockets for the win! Tell him “Honey let’s go out to that sharwama place you love so much. I will pay!” His face will just be like:

will smith shocked face (5 Ways to Shock your Nigerian Man (In a good way)
Eh? You will…gini??

2) Encourage his hobbies:

Just like you, your man has certain things he loves to indulge in. Be it football, video games, movies and so on, he will have something he loves. So instead of despising his hobbies, calling them childish and trying to stop them, encourage them! If it’s possible for you to join in them, do so, but if not, then help him to get the best out of them in practical ways. Record that movie for him, buy him that video game, leave him be when the premiership match is on (except it is an emergency). Let him know that even though you do not quite love what he loves, you love that he loves them and you are all out to support it.

PS: supporting his hobbies does NOT extend to creeping around stalking him. If his hobby is being a community penis, then there is only one thing to be done which is:

Clip_from_Fresh_Prince_In_Bel_Air_Jazz_gets_thrown_out (5 Ways to Shock your Nigerian Man (In a good way)
To the left! To the left!!

3) Send him love and encouraging messages while he is at work:

One of the things that makes a tough work day easier is knowing that there is a special someone thinking about you, rooting for you and wanting you (ahem). So when pick up your phones ladies and from time to time text your man some encouragement. Send him a love message. Tell him how happy he makes you (if he does), tell him how happy you are to be with him (if you are), admire his body (we men get self conscious too!) and so on. I know you are working too but a relationship takes two to profit. So do your part, send him those messages. He will read it and his face will be like:

blush gif (5 Ways to Shock your Nigerian Man (In a good way)

4) Send him a thoughtful “just because” gift:

See ehn? Gift giving is not a one way street. As you’d have your man lavish on you as best he can, you should do the same. Look well, what does he like? What does he need? Get it for him just because you love and appreciate him. It goes a long way and you’ll likely shock him speechless too

osuofia shocked

5) Go ham for him when Valentine’s Day comes:

Oh yes! Valentine’s Day is a time to do all sorts for your man as well. It need not be limited to just physical gifts Think outside the box. Think of ways to make your Nigerian man feel loved. Is he a boxing enthusiast? See if you can get tickets to a live boxing match. Has he been stressed all month long? Organise a private massage session with you in attendance of course (ahem) . The point sha is to go all out to make this man feel adored and not just sit down and be like;

dude where

So that’s our list. Did we miss any out? What others way can you shock your Nigerian man (in a good way)? Tell us about it in the comments below. We are Viva Naija and we care about our men! ☺☺☺

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