A few thoughts on submission


Let me just make something real clear here for you men in church making noise about submission. If you yourself are not submitted to Christ, you have no reason to mention that passage about submission to any woman, especially one you want to marry.

It’s bad enough many of you take it out of context to set yourselves up as demi gods and lords over a human being God made, but you then go a step further becoming a hypocrite and possibly reprobate by demanding from another what you failed to give to Christ, and what you in turn can’t give her.

Or have you not understood that in that marital institution, you both must be one, loving, respecting and more? Grow up and do better. All these tantrums and demands are tiring and very boring. After all these years you still don’t get this? How come?

It tells me you are nowhere near ready for marriage. Just go and buy okpa and eat at home. You’ll be fine and so will the woman who isn’t agreeing to marry you and submit to you when she knows you’re far from what she needs in her life.

You come to Facebook, fellowships, youth meetings, family gatherings, even at work and in churches daily, spewing grammar about women not being submissive anymore to their husbands and that’s why marriages are failing.

You that cannot see a woman and pass by without trying to flirt and then bed her.

You that cannot be emotionally stable and mentally alert to make right decisions and talk properly to women.

You that believes anything a man says must be accepted without question and anything less means you can get violent and abusive to a woman.

You who believe domestic violence and rape are justifiable.

You who believe sleeping around and adultery is in a man’s DNA, so it is his right and a woman must forgive, accept it and even donate condoms to him so that he doesn’t get angry and abandon her.

You who believe that if this same woman cheats on you, it is cardinal sin and she must be shamed and thrown out of the house. Forgiveness no dey reach your side.

You who claim you respect and care for your parents, especially your mother, over your wife but are angry when she says the same.

You who believe you can go out with the boys but she can’t go out with the girls.

You who believe you should be the one controlling her, as she’s a child and stupid. So you choose what she wears, what she spends and everything about her.

You who believe your parents can beat and abuse her but hers dare not touch you.

You who believe that you can even be a Lord and dominate any woman you see around you because you are a ma

See ehn, something is doing you and it can tell you that it is NOT God. It is more likely too much food that is worrying you or probably a witch on the village using your passport photograph to sweep her compound. Go for deliverance. Dance naked by bar beach at midnight. You will be fine.

You have all these ungodly, unkind and asinine thoughts, plans and attitudes and yet you somehow are still screaming that women not being submissive are spoiling marriage? That that’s the reason divorce is high? You’re the one that’s high.

This is why so many ladies in and out of the church are so angry and tired of the word submission. Some aren’t clear what it is yes, but so many have seen what you and others (including some church leaders) have used it to do and they want no part of it. You are the reason for many abandoning the way of doing things and people like you are even more complicit in divorce cases in the world today.

What kind of opprobious opprobium is this? Is this not akin to madness and witchcraft combined? You want “a good, submissive woman” but you are a man who doesn’t act in anyway as one who knows the Lord and yet somehow think God is right beside you going, “Ehen! Yes! Told them! Useless women that I made that won’t hear word.”

My brother, you and that god you made in your own image and drunkenness are not OK. You boys play too much. You have a lot to learn about life, love and God’s will in marriage.

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