A Toddler Skabbashing? I Feels A Certain Type of Way About This


So, this video has been doing the rounds and finally ended up in my inbox.


Listen, I can tell this child is a church baby, and I know kids will imitate whatever they see. I’d rather she imitated pastors as opposed to twerking; I think every parent should work hard to keep their baby off a pole.

But I genuinely believe she has no business doing this. She is a child and should be given to childish things. Jesus Christ was the son of Man, and He chilled till He was 30. What does this little girl know that she’s saying?

I was born into the Baptist faith – I’m a card-carrying member of ‘First Bamtis’. You don’t get baptised until you are well into your teens in First Bamtis. And rightly so.

Secondly, the fact that she got all the theatrics and breathing exercises right tells me something I’ve long suspected – when preachers talk like that, it ain’t the Holy Ghost, it’s just YouTube. Watch enough videos and you sef can learn what it sounds and looks like to be ‘called’.

Finally, there are 7,500+ comments on Facebook. Maybe 25 are from non-Black people. What is it about us that makes us hold the Faith more than harbingers of the Faith? Why are we so turned on by the idea of external help? Why are we rejoicing over this?

Anyhooo…please watch the video and let us know your thoughts:


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