A Touching Story of Goodness And Integrity In The Face of Poverty


What can we do? How can we make a change? One by one, that’s how we make a change.

Timawus Mathias put up a post on Facebook about how he lost his phone during a pit-stop while travelling in Gadawo and Kumo.

The poor, unemployed man – Bappa – who found the phone dialled numbers on the phone till he found someone who could contact Mathias.

He went to great lengths to detail exactly how he had used only N170 worth of credit – N90 to try to reach the owner, and N80 to call for help when he fell off his bike in a bid to catch the rapidly departing Mathias.

The generous and overwhelmed Timawus Mathias has taken this man and he now lives with him as they try to figure the next step.

This is how change is made. Thank you, Bappa; thank you Mathias.

Read the full Facebook post here.

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