Ajimobi and his dastardly cronies are not to blame; WE have lost our way!


Ajimobi and people like him are the beasts they are because we LET them.

They see you as a fellow human being when they need your votes, but you become their subjects as soon as they get to power.

Think people, THINK!

They are not the problem. We all are!

In about one year now, they’ll become human beings like us again. They’ll start wearing Ankara like you. Walking on your streets like you. Eating roast corn like you. Drinking ‘poor’ water like you. Helping you to fry akara on the road side. Distributing bread and groundnut oil.

It has become a vicious cycle. A cycle bonded so strong by poverty and religion yet so easy to break if only you’ll change your mind set.

You are stronger but they are wiser.
A strong man will always be a slave to the wise man.
Ologbon lo ma n pe alagbara ran n’ise. It is the wise man who will use the strong man as his errand boy. 

They don’t mind that you are strong but they don’t want you to be wise.

Kini anfani agbara laisi ogbon lati lo? What is the point of strength if there is no wisdom on how best to use it? 

Get wise, people!

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