AMARACHI – traditional African poetry


Let us bring out the ekwe,
The ogene and the sounding udu.
Let us drum up the new found affection
Let us do inyanga for the umu nna

Amarachi, let’s rejoice from one obi to another
and receive the blessings of our elders!
Let us in matrimony enter into Amadioha’s court
and let our ancestral lords bless us the more!

The jigida on your waist mesmerises me;
It renders me helpless and restless.
Those uli on your body buttress traditions
No doubt, you symbolise the gods of our land.

You bygone the efulefus and the agbalas
and stepped into my obodo dike.
This land of the brave shall favour you;
your future outing shall be the most colourful.

Tell Ana ayi you are gone for self discovery.
Let the ndichie in your clan
bless your progression into motherhood.
Welcome,welcome into my palatial hut my queen!!


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