4 Money mistakes keeping Nigerian girls in the red


Nigerian girls are a largely hardworking bunch. They can hustle for Africa and look stunning while doing it too but as it happens there are a number of money mistakes they make that leave their financial lives looking less like:

beyonce-money-gif (4 Money mistakes keeping Nigerian girls in the red)

And more like:

help-me-im-poor (4 Money mistakes keeping Nigerian girls in the red)

As with everything, the first step to finding a solution to a problem is identifying the root cause(s) of it. We are Viva Naija and here are 4  money mistakes that keep Nigerian girls in the red

1) Not living within their means

This is the age of the Slay Queen. Every lady wants to look hot and is willing to spend tons to do so but can your bank account keep up? In the cases of many a Nigerian lady this is a big no no and in an attempt to keep up with the trends and impress they end up exhausting their funds. Naija girl don’t go broke in order to look rich.  You cannot eat slay o! Living 200,000 a week when you barely earn a 100,000 a month will leave you begging for this:

garri (4 Money mistakes keeping Nigerian girls in the red)
Biko spare me one spoon!

2)  Supporting a broke ass boyfriend

Now far be it from us to tell you that you must only date men that have spilling out of their pores. There are perfectly awesome men who do not have much at the moment but have a definite plan and are working to it but there is a big difference between the man working on a plan and the “man” who only says he has a plan. Some men these days are leeches and they are looking to live off your labor. Don’t support oloriburuku tinz darling. He will bleed you out. Gather yourself and put that “man” to pasture like:

clip_from_fresh_prince_in_bel_air_jazz_gets_thrown_out (4 Money mistakes keeping Nigerian girls in the red)
Begone ye leech!!!

3)  Going into debt over a wedding

Ah yes the wedding. These days weddings in Nigeria are big splash events. Complete with big halls, dress changes, fire works, celebrity performances, more dress changes, 5 star meals, lots and lots of dancing but all of these things don’t come cheap and unfortunately some Nigerian brides end up neck deep in debt due to borrowing all sorts to have that big splashy wedding. Don’t do it darling. It’s not worth it and it will affect your union as the time you should be spending loving up each other is spent scrambling about to ward off irate creditors

cookie-lyon-hiding (4 Money mistakes keeping Nigerian girls in the red)
Naija brides when the creditors come calling

4)  Living without a budget

A budget is needed in order for you to keep track of all your money. What is coming in, what is spent, what is saved and so on. Without it, you will likely be living from paycheck to paycheck and wondering where all the money went to.

where-did-my-money-go (4 Money mistakes keeping Nigerian girls in the red)

So that’s our list. Did we miss any out? Tell us about it in the comments below. We are Viva Naija and we love you


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