So anyone who hails the acts of Acting President Yemi Osinbajo doesn’t have sense???


Your wahala sef is too much.

You tag a fool, anyone who talks appreciatively about the “seeing is believing” style and feedback he/she gets about the ACTS of the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo;

You make nag-like, endless and generalized posts about how such people need to get an education about what the role of an acting president is and how it can never be done without the President’s know and consent;

You f’ètélè in order to pa làpálàpà, by making it seem as if this set of people don’t wish President Muhammad Buhari well, when they, enduring Nigerians in their right, express understandable bias for the Acting President Osinbajo’s warm style of going about leadership, even when it hasn’t really yielded any direct people-based dividends;

You calumniate a people for at least, breathing, for appreciating what they deem to be fresher and warmer compared to Sai Baba’s, despite the presence of the pressing ills;

See, we know that you have superior knowledge to write endless eisegesis about how ONLY YOU love Buhari and how ONLY YOU wants Nigeria to succeed, and how that enduring Nigerian in one obscure corner, who chose to harmlessly heap praise on the acts of the Acting President, is a deluded scum, forgetting that you both have one common denominator – cheap data.

Well, more grease to your Facebook fingers, Instagram itch and Twitter thuds; but,

Your wahala sef is too much.

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  • The Vice president cannot act without the knowledge and consent of the President. That means he is answerable to the President. The Acting President on the other hand, has full presidential powers. He can sign bills into law, etc. He cannot be debriefed by the absent president. On the return of the President, however, the Acting President reverts to his vice presidential role and taking orders from the President.

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