Strange Tales from Whatsapp: Naija Transformers


So some days ago eh, I got a rather short voice message from someone (I won’t mention who) now the message was narrated by a woman who said she was at Badagry and witnessed an incident

What incident you ask?

Oya wait make I clear my throat

ahem! ahem!! aheeeem!!

Ok na…

Ehen…so she witnessed an incident in which an elderly man dropped his keys and demanded that an 8 year old boy that was nearby pick it up for him. The boy refused to do so and told the man to pick it himself since he dropped it. The elderly man started getting aggressive, demanding that the boy pick up the keys in order to “show respect” but the lad was adamant. Anyway sha it wasn’t long before a crowd gathered along with some police officers and once they heard what was happening and sensing some foul play insisted that the man pick up the keys and forced him to do it.

My people it was reported that immediately the man picked up the keys, he instantly transformed into a shiny bright tear rubber chacharacha Keke napep.

Yes…Keke Napep

This thing right here

Ill let you process that for a moment…

You done? OK then. Anyway…

Some members of the crowd who knew the man went to fetch his wife and when the wife arrived, she told the crowd that she always noticed how he kept on bringing home new Keke napeps and as it happens he has over a dozen in his compound.

As you might expect the lady narrating the story finished it up with a warning of how the days are evil and we are in the last days and so on and I am just here realizing that we now have transformers (humans in disguise) among us and that that Keke Napep you are riding might just be that fine bae you were toasting last week

Na wa o

Oh and p.s. Why a Keke Napep though? Abi the jazz no reach turn person to Land Cruiser?


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