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LaaLaa Ekundayo -4

I have something weighing heavy on my heart that I must share! Properly raising money for charity is not for the faint hearted and requires more than compassion.

Cancer is a disgusting, destructive and wicked disease. I have and am still dealing with a child with cancer in active treatment so I do not want people to take this in the wrong way, because I say this from a place of love.

LaaLaa Ekundayo -5
Laa-Laa in hospital with her doting father, Larry Ekundayo sleeping in the background.
LaaLaa Ekundayo -3
A fighter. More than a warrior.
LaaLaa Ekundayo -1
Birthday princess!
LaaLaa Ekundayo -9
Laa-Laa out with Mummy Melissa Emmanuel during treatment

LaaLaa Ekundayo -2

The ‪#‎SaveMayowa‬ campaign and its subsequent (and I feel malicious) downfall has had me in tears this week. This poor lady I feel will suffer more because of a well meaning and (I feel) legitimate campaign was handled poorly. I have currently 25 (yes 25) people on my friends list who are currently doing campaigns in the name of the evil disease.

I have a few points that I feel will be valuable to you. These points are from personal experience when it comes to raising money for charity, and I mean this with the utmost love.

1. Nobody owes you anything

Please understand that nobody owes you anything. I know it’s hard when your in the thick of emotion. But you cannot guilt trip people into donations. Trust me I understand the anger and frustration, but people also have their own struggles. Respect that!!!

2. Be specific about the use of the money!

Be VERY specific about what you are raising money for. If is for a specific treatment, you MUST have a clear doctors recommendation and a thought through and legitimate plan as back up. People will ask questions and are entitled to do so. Have the answer, so there is no question over the campaigns legitimacy.

3. Personal expenses are a valid reason for fundraising

If it is for personal expenses, SAY IT! Cancer is a costly disease. I was on unpaid leave for 8 months; I know what it’s like. However, if you are in the UK in particular, there are carers benefits, disability benefits, grants and bursaries. To get people’s buy in, you need to be specific about what you intend to use the money for.

4. Keep the generous public updated

Once you have raised some money. Give updates as to how the money raised was used. Be transparent at all times. From £100 to £10,000,000, I REPEAT be transparent at all times. Accountability is everything.

Stay strong, people. There was a beginning and there will also be an end. This too shall pass xx

LaaLaa Ekundayo -7 LaaLaa Ekundayo -6 LaaLaa Ekundayo -8

Lala, Viviane Agbo, Melissa Emmanuel
Viviane Agbo, Melissa Emmanuel (Laa-Laa’s mum) and Rachel of Viva Naija with the adorable Laa-Laa of laive

Melissa Emmanuel is the wife of Larry ‘The Natural’ Ekundayo, the undisputed African Boxing Union, Welterweight international Masters title holder and 2012 Prizefighter champion. Our beautiful little girl who is known and loved by the people at Viva Naija as “Laa-Laa” is their daughter, Larissa Ayola Destiny Ekundayo. 

You can support this family by keeping up to date with his fights and championship bouts by following him on all his social media handles:

Facebook: @Larrythenatural
Instagram: @larrythenatural_ekundayo
Twitter: @larrynatural

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