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Akin VoGg

Akin, is a gifted Singer/song writer, poet and inspirational writer whose music and words are life changing experience for those who seek after truth and wisdom.

Bulky wallets: a male sartorial crime!

I cringe anytime I come across men with bulky wallets that are overstuffed with paper stash, old receipts, school transcripts, bank cards, dead credit cards, tissue papers with telephone numbers and addresses written on...

Want guaranteed response? How to write a follow up letter if you are Nigerian!...

So you've been for a job interview and now want to write a follow up letter. Let me quickly say this to save somebody from becoming a repeated offender of sending 'rude' official emails or...

Ajimobi and his dastardly cronies are not to blame; WE have lost our way!

Ajimobi and people like him are the beasts they are because we LET them. They see you as a fellow human being when they need your votes, but you become their subjects as soon as...

The Hoe Chronicles: The Difference Between Oloso, Hoeslers and Groupies

Those ladies you see hanging around in that popular club wey dey Lagos Island are called OLOSO. Although dem get Lekki as postcode, na 16 per room dem dey live. Na yahoo boys and...