Bulky wallets: a male sartorial crime!


I cringe anytime I come across men with bulky wallets that are overstuffed with paper stash, old receipts, school transcripts, bank cards, dead credit cards, tissue papers with telephone numbers and addresses written on them, condoms (used and new), coins, cut-out articles and job ads from newspaper, business cards, keys and other useless things.

IT’S A WALLET, NOT A CABINET for God sake! Se won f’eru se yin ni?! Did they use slavery and the pack-horse mentality to swear for you people? Carrying everything around all the time.

Carrying a bulky wallet in any of your trouser pockets is tacky to say the least. For those who uses their front trouser pockets – it’s even worse because the bulge makes them look like they are suffering from piles.

If you see these wallets sef, na eyesore. Worn-out and filthy things!

So what does these wallets say about them? It says they live a cluttered and messy life, and they don’t care about their appearance.

When you meet them while trying to make payment at the shopping tills you’ll understand what I’m talking about. To start with, these men struggle to get their mobile cabinets out of their pockets. Then, they have to rummage through the trash to find the right card to make payment. O ma n ri enia lara sha! It can be sooooo irritating!

Abeg after reading this, try to do something about this matter. Buy a new wallet, get rid of all the junk and carry with you only few items you need. GO SLIM.

You see, aside the unsightly appearance you’ll get rid off, there’s also a health benefit to it. Doctors advise not sitting on bulky wallet which causes leg numbness


NB: For those of you who walk around with a Bluetooth headset on your ear all the time, I’m coming for you too. It should only be worn when talking on the phone and taken off when the call has ended.

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