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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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I am Mazi Abe Idris, the resident beer parlour politician. A lot of my wisdom was gleaned from the bottom of a beer bottle but that does not make it any less valid. Buhari, Dino Melaye and Mama Fela (my long-suffering wife) will all be discussed with the same amount of sense and sensibility.

Davido and late Tagbo Umeike: a tale of irresponsibility and negligence

The police say Davido's friend that died, Tagbo, necked 40 shots of tequila on the ill-fated night. Whattt??? 40 shots? of tequila? 😳😳😳 Even God will haff to wait for him to sober up before he...
Mazi Abe and Buhari

mazi abe updates Buhari on Naija shenanigans as the president returns from UK MOT

Good morning, Bubu! I read you came back from your MOT service in the abroad yesterday.  Alhamdulillahi! I am sure you came back with all your shock absorbers, pistons and balls well oiled. Sorry, I mean...
British Airways Stewardess sacked for racist comments

I’m glad British Airways stewardess got sacked but I’m a Virgin kinda guy

I can't believe any well travelled Nigerian will try to make a case for the sacked British Airways stewardess accused of making a racist video. That is even scratching the surface. Orisirisi stories abound of how...
Senator John McCain v Buhari

Please can we send Buhari to John McCain’s doctor so Nigerians can also get...

24 hours after falling ill, it is announced that Ranking Senator John McCain of the US Senate has been diagnosed with brain cancer. It is highly unlikely he will return to the Senate, so the...
bad-gifts - Father's Day

You see how these women are trying to steal our Father’s Day from us??

Hmmmmmmm...it's Father's Day, and these women still won't let us have peace. Haba, women like to exaggerate sha! "I carried your child for nine months!!" Na all them be nine months. Hian! When you check well, many of them na...
Man Choosing Panties

Buy lingerie for your wife, they said. Now I am in jail cell! What...

I was in a romantic mood today, so as I was doing some small small shopping, I thought of madam. They always say to buy lingerie for your wife, so that's how me too, I stopped...

Happy mother’s day…but it’s like we’re celebrating women everyday now o!

Aaaaaah aaaaaaaahh!! Happy Mother's Day again??? Shebi we still celebrated something for them 10 minutes ago? Oginni?? Just yesterday, they told us, Valentine's Day. We bought perfume, we bought flower! The following day, they came up with "International Day...

mazi abe’s side: I think I’ll add “Apostle” to my name and see if...

With all this Apostle Suleman wahala, I was toying with temporarily changing my Facebook name to Apostle Mazi Abe.  Jus-to test my pulling power, you understand. And see how many jeep and house requests I will...
mazi abes corner - final

Omo, navy recruitment no be yam o! I joined and nearly died!

Even though I couldn't swim, I still decided to tag along with my friend Boma to the Naval recruitment centre in Borokiri, Port Harcourt, just for the fun of it. Just for the fun of...
Buhari on the phone

Open telegram to Oga President Buhari re: foreign exchange

Mr President, I always refrain from insulting elders, because I have my own at home too. But my Uncle Lawal, who is your age mate, jus phoned me from Lagos, now now now! He said...