Bank Alert Wey No Make Gbagam, Dat One Na Alert?? PSquare’s Banger Giving Us Life!

©nojustOK | PSquare - Bank Alert
©nojustOK | PSquare - Bank Alert

I am quite convinced that either I was Igbo in a former life or at least married to an Igbo dude. Quite possibly an Igbo highlife musician. Once I hear the drums and the wind instruments, my whole body starts doing me Paulina Paulina. Yes, Bank Alert by PSquare isn’t new, but I thought: what is the point of having access to a mega-blogging platform if I can’t write what I like? So here I am, waxing lyrical about PSquare’s first hit single as a duo since they announced that they would start engaging in solo pursuits on the side.

Thinking about it, it’s probably in poor taste to be talking about bank alert now; what with MMM people all in their feelings. But as far as I can make out, they’re all telling us that they used their spare money, so they will be alright, I’m sure. And anyway, it’s only frozen. They will all be minted by January 14th, so leggo!

The first time I heard this song, I was paying entirely too much attention to the words. Wait, he said he would be back in one year and returned five years later? And she sat there and waited for his no-calendar-having self? Oh, and the father who couldn’t stand him now suddenly loves him because of money? I thought “We need to do better as a people. This is the exact thing killing us.” and I just dismissed it. I just heard it again recently, and now I’m all ???! If she is ready to take him back after five years, what’s my own there? And truly, bank alert wey no make GBAGAM!!! Dat one na alert?

bank alert - psquare

If ever there was an embodiment of gestalt creativity, it’s these two. On their own, they’re probably nothing special; but as a duo, they are just walking hit factories. Right from No One Like You through to Testimony and the Michael Jackson explosion Personally; they have been doing things with music, beats and following the taste trend that few Nigerian artists have been able to accomplish. And to do it so effortlessly in Igbo, Pidgin and fluent English? Props.

Which brings me to one of my favourite things about the Bank Alert video: I saw so many Igbo acts and musicians making an appearance! I’m not sure if this is down to the Igbo acts feeling they are a minority or if Igbos naturally tend to stick together, but they do feature a lot in each other’s songs and endeavours.

My Bariga Boo, Olamide of laive tries to do something similar; but there is that distinct lack of cohesion in Yoruba music. In this one video, I saw Mr Ibu and Phyno. I’m not quite sure who the other guys are, but they’re probably Igbo artists – either known or on their way up. Cos that’s just how the Igbos roll, I think.

I love, love, love this song, and love the video even more. If you’re feeling it, holla GBAGAM!

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