Big Brother Naija: Location Causes big stir as more Nigerians demand explanations


So Nigerians have to calm down ooo! I heard that Uncle Lie Mohammed is on top of the Big Brother Naija situation. The information and communication has announced that the show organisers must be “probed”. How dare they carry “Made in Naija” to South Africa? I also heard that a lot of us have hit the streets of Twirra and Facebook, carrying placard in protest of this terrible injustice and insult of our common sensibilities. I say ” Wehdone Sah! Wehdone ma!”

A Facebook user, Benny Umoren, even talk say maybe South Africa is our New Colonial Masters. I no say na joke she dey sha:

So it has not occurred to you people that light problem alone has crashed more than half of the companies that remained loyal to “motherland”? It has not occurred to you that the other half have packed their load and are looking for greener pastures? Must somebody’s business crash because Nigerians are not satisfied with location?

It is not like we are all not dissatisfied too; we also wish to stroll to Ikeja to check on the housemates but we should consider too na. After all, it is not their fault that even common electric bulb is purchased at an exorbitant price. Do you know how many times their crew will have to drive around on terrible roads? Losing time and money in the process?

Chidumga Izuzu in his article ” 5 things to expect from reality show for 78 days” rightly predicts that our Naija people will not allow us hear word about location. So teeeeeeey even information minister Lie Mohammed left his throne to probe the matter. Plix where is Minister Fasola sef? Maybe he should also probe the reason why the fully equipped house in South Africa cannot be powered by our ever sufficient Power Holding Company of Nigeria. Since probing is the order of the day.

I think we have bigger fish to fry, there are bigger things to clamour for than location of a TV programme that will be aired across the world. Anybody that wants to watch should go and buy DStv, MyTv, GoTv and the likes. Antennae for black and white TV #KoLeWerk.

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  1. Since we do not have d necessary facilities in Nigeria ,which is very obvious, dea is freedom of move.ment,I don’t see anything wrong in it_people are enjoying d program for relaxation! Pls,let it be ooo

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