Bow legs and knock knees in children: when money is not enough


BOW LEGS AND KNOCK KNEES: When money is not enough!

This is a peculiar growth problem and bone deformation that is quite common with the upwardly mobile folks who live in overcrowded cities.

It is a fact that vitamin D from dietary sources is insufficient for proper bone growth, hence sunlight is one of the most important sources. Well, vitamin D is actually called the sunshine vitamin.

You see, in towns like Onitsha, most residential blocks of apartments have meagre parking space for automobiles. No one spares a few kilobytes of thought for a couple of square centimeters of playground for kids.

A similar situation is obtainable in schools:
maximise space for profit making, eliminate outdoor sports from the curriculum, and smile to the bank every session.

Young children need to play in the sun to grow healthy, strong bones.
Those who walk to school, stand a greater chance of escaping the malady.
The rich kids ride air conditioned vehicles to school, play indoors 24-7, and are at greater risk of suffering from vitamin D deficiency, and frequently more of them develop bow legs and knock knees.

There is a hereditary component, of course, but not as important as healthy development.

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