Brexiters, how market? Igboro ti daru and politicians are all jumping ship


If you voted Brexit in the referendum held on the 23rd June, you must have felt very smug on the morning of the 24th when you heard that your wish had come true.

After all, you’d achieved Brexit. It’s like nirvana, only more racist and less thought out.  You’d successfully kept out all those pesky immigrants with one stroke of your pen. They could no longer storm the shores of this fine nation. Ousting you from your jobs and taking your place instead. Or taking your dole money and council housing, your inheritance by virtue of your mother’s uterus pointing in the right direction at the time of birth.

And if you yourself are a foreigner, you must have felt doubly pleased with the turnout of events. How grand! You get to come to a country that accepts you and then you can shut the door in the faces of others who seek the same mercy granted you. Don’t lie, you went into a little room and hugged yourself when you saw the poll results. I don’t blame/judge you, I would have too. Is there anything sweeter than having your prejudices reinforced? That’s democracy and no mistake.

Except, within days, there was turmoil within the ranks. The pound, our icon of superiority, plunged. And kept plunging. The leaders who persuaded you that Brexit was a good idea didn’t want none. One by one, they fell by the way side. And these are the people who have access to privileged information!

David Cameron tapped out as Prime Minister. He was always a Bremainer, but he figured since you’d all got yourselves in this mess, you might as well deal with it yourself. What’s his own? He kuku has offshore accounts and that oooold, long money to fall back on. He’ll be alright.

Boris Johnson did not even waste time. The flaxen haired buffoon who had been the face of the Brexit campaign said “Ummm…yeah….it’s a good idea on paper, but hey, see you guys later, alligator!” And if you think he hasn’t got a few quid saved somewhere that he will use to console himself or other political ambitions, then you are off your face.

Nigel Farage is the most surprising though. When a man wears Union Jack  shoes, you just kinda think he’ll hang around till he’s made emperor or something.

But no, after ruining EVERYTHING, Farage says he wants to be allowed to go live his life.

For us who wanted to remain within the EU, this news brought joy unparalleled. For those who put their hope in racist politicians though, I’m wondering how they’re feeling?

We’ve had a snoop round these Twitters and found some of the most apt tweets that describe the omni-shambles that is Nigel Farage and his recent actions as he and his cronies led the gullible citizens of the UK to the edge of arrant nonsense.


Now if this ain’t a headline, I don’t know what is!
You see how utterly loathsome this man is? Oh, did you forget he’s a member of the European Parliament with a fat cheque for the pleasure? Screen shot from:



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