Theresa May to become UK Prime Minister by Wednesday!


Phew! How’s that for a roller coaster ride! If you are keeping up with British politics and do not have a nosebleed by now, then you are made of sterner stuff than we are! In less than three weeks since the Brexit decision, we are to have a new Prime Minister.

A lot of us were anti-Brexit, but the voice of the people won at the end of the day. Since that time, Nigel Farage has resigned. Boris Johnson has pulled out, probably somewhere trying to buy a comb. Michael Gove has proven that he has a wobbly chin; he has also pulled out. David Cameron, our prime minister, said “Na una sabi jare” and announced his resignation immediately.

Basically, everybody who lured Britain into this sorry, sordid mess went back under their duvets and turned the lights out.

The race for prime minister was between two women – Theresa May, a lifelong politician formerly in charge of the Home Office, and Andrea ‘Loathsome’ Leadsom.

I fondly refer to her as loathsome because this is a woman who brought up the fact that May had no children as a reason why she would make a better prime minister. You have not been given the power to run the country yet and you are already fighting dirty?! Woman-bashing and ovary-superiority so early in the day, Leadsom? For shame, woman!

Then she announces that she is Christian and proud of it, and this might make her a better leader.


I have nothing against Christians, I myself might even loosely be referred to as one. But to list that as one of your selling points when leading a multiracial, multi-religious and multidimensional country is just a serious alarm bell warning of things to come. Plus, there is nothing more dangerous than someone in power being led by their God when it comes to making decisions. George W. Bush, anyone?

This woman’s face is how we have all been for weeks now:

Anyway, Leadsom didn’t last long and she withdrew from the race to become the Tory leader this morning. She claimed that she had received much abuse since starting the campaign. Boo hoo.

©BBC|Andrea Leadsom ends leadership bid

And so, what have we left? We will have a woman at the helm of affairs once again for the first time since 1990, and I must say, while I was not 100% impressed by her work at the Home Office, she could not possible do a worse job than any of these naysayers and yellow-bellied men that have shouted the odds for weeks and then cowered away when the country needed them the most.

What is more astonishing is the fact that May was vehemently BREMAIN. She was against the Brexit campaign but has accepted the voice of the people. She has said “Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to make a success of it.”

BBC Cooments on The new Prime Minister

How ironic that the person who will champion us out of the mess is one of the people who warned against it in the first place. As the Yorubas will say “Oro ta ni ki Baba ma gbo, Baba lo ma pari e” – that which we did not want our father to hear will most likely end up being resolved by father.

We were wondering when she might take up the mantle of leadership but twenty minutes ago, Cameron announced that May will be Prime Minister by Wednesday!

The rate things are going, we will probably be part of Asia by next month! Strewth! Well, good luck to Theresa May, she’s gonna need it!

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