Business tip: Running other businesses down won’t help your brand


Business tip:

Some people think that running the other business down helps their brand. Perhaps in a sense it may make them more visible and spark up conversation and debate about why their own brand is best but it’s a tricky path I avoid a lot. You never know when you may say or do something that impacts negatively either by way of irritating arrogance or abusiveness that puts people off about your own brand.

We tend to forget that we are on some level inseparable from our service/product. If people perceive you to be “bad”, most will leave even if what you give is stellar. This is why a brand is said to be a story and an experience people have with you and not just a logo or a name. Some people on cyberspace are showing a logo and colors that show off warmth, beauty, style, affordability, cheerfulness and more, but their brand is saying; “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here…”

There is also the fact that people will start to get bored and put off when all you do is bash and bash and complain about one business or the other that is not good or good as yours. That is business suicide. Focus on your own garden and grow it. People will see in time why it is better.

Did you see Guinness coming out to tell us why Star is a waste or why Virgin says that Emirates is useless? Haba! Who get time. The best they do is subtle jabs and those make people love them more and join in the banter, than actually get down and dirty. For example, any person into brands, knows of the sweet feud between Coke and Pepsi. We enjoy it because it works. They never get dirty as I see some misguided business owners do online.

The safer option is always to spend more time sharing about your brand and talking it up. By that last part I mean, letting people know why your brand is better. And you have to talk about it. You just have to.

One of the most recurrent and I have to say surprising things I have found about most small business owners I consult with it that they never or hardly ever talk about what they do. My first and most obvious question once I discover this is; “how then do you intend to have any sales and make profit? People cannot buy what they do not see. Are you a ghost business?”

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