Cheating spouses, you can try it if you want to but don’t expect your #ChillDeficient friends to give you a pass!


There are certain things that you shouldn’t try in public unless you’re sure that your friends will co-sign it. If you know you have friends who will judge you, or in some cases, drag you to hell and back, then just don’t do it. Or do it in secret. I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t be like this guy.

Picture this: man meets woman. Man decides he likes the look of woman and steps to her. Fast forward a few months, couple decide to get married. Except…he conveniently forgot the part about being ‘happily’ married. And he a church brotha too! ??

Anyway, this new couple had the animal boldness to set up a registry for contributions to their dream honeymoon since they were both “lucky to already have a home full of everything we need.”

Oh, you thought Nigerians were savage? It seems to be a black thing. Some people will abuse a corpse and it will stand up and say “Haba, wetin na?!”

Please enjoy the literary bloodshed. I’ve seen people take celebs to task, but I have never seen such public dragging. Dragged to hell via all seven circles before being dumped unceremoniously back to a cold, desolate tundra called Earth.

They deserved it sha, so *shrugs as she pours a chilled one to sit down and read the lethal posts one after the other*.


I can’t. I’m physically unable to can. The only thing left is full moon nakedness and swearing on Sango and Amadioha. Bros, you tried it. It didn’t favour you, but you tried it.

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