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From football to cricket and all the way back to wrestling, Viva Naija covers all of the latest news in the world of sports – especially if it concerns Nigeria!


Serena Williams Beats Venus at the US Open

Okay, I know this is not Naija news beht Serena Willaims is bae, so I have to shout about it! I knew this game would have me in knots - I love both Williams...
Usain Bolt Final

Usain Bolt Stumbles Into The 100m Finals

Shuo, remainder small o! Usain Bolt managed to recover from a stumbling start to move into the World Championships 100m final, setting up an enticing showdown with Justin Gatlin. Gatlin powered through like a boss with...

Posh Naija People: England Claims Back The Ashes At The Last Minute

Alastair Cook takes the English cricket team to victory against the Australians - The Ashes 2015

Lewis Hamilton, Wimbledon’s Royal Box, And Why I Love The British Adherence to Rules

There are times when UK matter dey tire me. Dem no dey gree person drink water keep cup. Rule here, sanction there, levies everywhere. In general though, I do believe that the rules and...