#ChangeBeginsWithMe? The Nigerian Government need to lead by example! By Olufunke Phillips


Perception matters. A whole lot. That’s what our politicians fail to understand. You have to be seen to be doing something. If you’re not seen to be doing anything about an issue yet you assure us that you’re doing it codedly, we don’t care. Nobody is an investigative journalist here. We need to see you doing things and no, queuing up to board a flight won’t cut it.

The Nigerian people have been battered continuously. Yes, it’s not your fault, you just got in blah, blah, blah, we know that but governance is a continuum. Fix that shit. That’s why we put you there.

There are many honest Nigerians that do all the right things yet still get a psychological beating every time by the country.

The Nigerian man is bent, broken and just trying to live. Leaders, leave your privilege by the door and listen.

Show us. Lead and we will follow. The easiest person to manage is an average Nigerian. We have ridiculously low standards. Fix the basic things and see if we won’t follow.

Lead by example.

Your advisers don’t have a modicum of common sense. If they did, you would know that that slogan is ill timed. You people literally live in a bubble and it’s sad.

I lead my children by example. They don’t set the pace. They follow. You want Nigerians to stop being corrupt, then you stop being so goddam corrupt. The House of Representatives is going through a ridiculous and embarrassing scandal and you have the nerve to tell us to change? Change what?

We are not the same. There is a clear divide. The government and the people. We are not the same.

Change and we will change. Be seen to change and we will change. Sacrifice and we will change. Do your part and we will do our own.

You are less in number. We are more. It is easier for you to change. Do it.

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  1. which change are beining 4rm u are u talking about why poor people ar dieing but in ur way house they more then1000 bags of Rice are they in ur house , most of ur child them are in outside country enjoying them self they u ar here liying for ur self mad man

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