Dear screenshot generation, let wisdom and loyalty guide you


Wisdom for your day

Recently I found myself pleading the case of someone who barely knows me to keep his job. His employer who had treated him like a younger brother felt he had betrayed and insulted him in secret and was going to take drastic measures against him. I started begging, not in this economy biko.

You see this concept of trust, loyalty and dependability, it means absolutely nothing anymore especially online. I got talking with a fellow “bat” one night from 1am-3am and it was a shocker how much sacred trust has been broken time and again by close friends and confidants on Facebook.

We are a “screenshot generation”, a generation without any semblance of loyalty and I must say it’s rather sad. Two friends fall out and before you know, deep dark details of each others lives are posted on social media. Two people have a virtual squabble and GBAM! Screenshots of personal conversations litter the place, are we really such attention whores?

I remember a guy who tried sharing some personal issues about his marriage via inbox, I began asking some questions and he got angry and lashed out at me. I simply blocked him inbox and that was it, I can’t even remember his name! I cannot count the number of virtual friends who have opened up on personal issues in my inbox not to ask for my help but just to unburden, does that mean if we have issues tomorrow, I have a right to use it against them?

Now people are so brazen they talk anyhow about their employers, they share intimate details of other people’s lives. I don’t care if the guy is married or not, stop sharing screenshots about your inbox conversations, it’s wrong! Stop trying to shame women with their inbox requests! Why are you all so childish and full of drama? Of course there are exceptions to this rule especially in cases of harassment and defamation but it’s now becoming the rave, every idiot is sharing screenshots! Some of you shouldn’t even have smart phones. Also stop shaming gays/lesbians who politely approach you! You’re not doing, we hear! Oya block if you must! Stop your tantrums!

Some of you have irreparably burned so many bridges in the frenzy of online brouhahas. You have subbed your bosses, insulted your closest friends, talked down your mentors, driven away potential employers and even insulted benefactors! What is wrong with you? We easily betray trust without as much as a conscientious thought for our actions and it’s consequences.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be yourself, sub some crazy people or certain attitudes in people or call out what is wrong but please let everything be done with wisdom, maturity and decorum. Simply put, whatever is done in confidence should remain so and there should be a limit to your madness. Find a balance in all these things PLEASE

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