Disgruntled doctor turned gunman as Dr Henry Bello killed others and then himself at a New York hospital


When you’re hearing the news as it is unveiling and you’re thinking “Please don’t be black…okay, please don’t be African…okay, Africa big sha. Please don’t be Nige-Godamnit!” That’s how Dr Henry Bello went to disgrace himself (not us) in New York yesterday. The ex-family practitioner had been sacked from the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York eighteen months earlier for harassing a colleague.

The ex-family practitioner had been fired from the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York eighteen months earlier for harassing a colleague. It is believed his medical licence had expired and he had ultimately resigned before he was fired. In that time, he has moved from place to place with no fixed address. He’d had a troubled past including arrests for sexual assault, burglary, fare-jumping and public urination, according to reports, so it’s fair to say that he was somewhat unstable.

According to reports, Dr Henry Bello went into his former workplace wearing a white lab coat with an AR-15 machine gun hidden underneath with the intention of targeting the same individual he’d been fired over. When he couldn’t find her, he’d opened fire on medical personnel and patients on the sixteenth and seventeenth floor.

Police said Bello then attempted to set himself on fire, but it activated the sprinklers which extinguished the blaze. He then turned the gun on himself.

Perhaps I should be more sympathetic as he is Nigerian, but it is no great loss to me that this man is no more. Consideration for our readers with milder dispositions is stopping me from putting out the image of his bloodied corpse, but yes, he’s deceased and the picture can be found on Twitter.

Life is hard enough. We battle internal and external demons daily. Between rent, school fees, taxes, thieves and ISIS, we have enough to be worrying about. People are on edge and can’t add the psychoses of others to their list of things to watch out for.

To the family of Dr Henry Bello, please understand that we wish you had got him help sooner. ALL of our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this rampage.

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