Don Jazzy dishes out some words of wisdom for these young artistes #WhenYouFinallyBlow


Today is just a religious day up at Chez Viva! We are just feeling all spirishua and stuff.

First we brought you the message of Mrs Chiemezie Claire Asunugwo-Anyanwu and the way her passion is changing the life of Bashir the wheelbarrow boy.

Now, we are bringing you the Gospel according to Don Jazzy. When I tell you that this man is not successful by accident!

Sheer hard work, dedication and commitment to his business has made him a mavin in the music and any young musician would be wrong to discount his words below:

  1. Dear upcoming artists, the real job starts #WhenYouFinallyBlow
  2. #WhenYouFinallyBlow Know there is a huge difference btw carrying yourself like the new star you are and being an a**hole.
  3. #WhenYouFinallyBlow Pray against the “Don’t you know who I am?/ I am a celeb” spirit.
  4. #WhenYouFinallyBlow Don’t be in a hurry to move to Lekki. It’s not that serious
  5. #WhenYouFinallyBlow You don’t need to smoke weed or take some next ish to help write songs. I have over 100 hits and I don’t smoke it (Word)
  6. #WhenYouFinallyBlow It will do you a lot of good to know that it won’t last forever, no be curse.
  7. #WhenYouFinallyBlow There is absolutely nothing wrong with referring to yourself as an upcoming artist/ producer.
  8. #WhenYouFinallyBlow to the point where you have your own company, carry your guys up with you, it’s not beans but try.
  9. #WhenYouFinallyBlow fine lepas will ask you to exchange nudes, hmmm it’s a TRAP, abort…. LindaIkeji is real
  10. #WhenYouFinallyBlow Respect the legend 2face Idibia.

Plix. Pass the offering basket and let’s say the grace. Service is now over. Tainz a bunsh.

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