What you have is what you have, you don’t owe anybody an apology: a lesson in contentment

Happy African Child

A lesson in contentment and pride: when you visit them at their homes…

Immediately after offering you a seat, they start to feel inadequate.
They begin to apologise to you that their place is small.
They start to tell you how they only plan to be there temporarily.

WHO ASK YOU? Ta lo bere ejo lowo yin?!

Your home is your home. Regardless of the size, be happy and keep it NEAT. Be proud that you still have a roof over your head and can still keep up with the bills without begging.

Stop feeling like you are competing with anybody. What you have is what you have. You don’t owe anybody any apology. Eniti o ya’ni lowo, ti ko de d’aso s’eni l’orun ko gbodo pe’ni l’arungun. Bo ba pe’ni l’arungun ija nla ni yio da. Whatever is going on in their minds can stay in their minds. They dare not mock you if they are not contributing to your existence.



Life is lived in stages. You must first learn how to stand before you can fly. Enjoy each stage and as you go through the process also grow through it.

Ba o ku ise o tan. You wey dey live inside one room today can still build mansion. Stop apologising for wetin no need apology.

You’ll hear the rest in details in my next song release titled: ONE DAY. (I still dey find money to pay for the studio session).

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